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Report on Conflict Resolution Day Celebration

International Conflict Resolution Day was observed on October 15, 2009 in Bangladesh like other countries. Movement Against Conflict (MAC) celebrated this day with its 16 Associate Members through out the country. MAC is a non governmental, non profitable peace promoting voluntary organization working in Bangladesh since 2008. MAC took various initiatives to celebrate this day with a view to send the message of Conflict Resolution Day to all section of people in the country. Based on the following idea Associate for Conflict Resolution of the USA resolved to observe the conflict resolution day since 2005:
    • Promote awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict;
    • Promote the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system;
    • Recognize the significant contributions of (peaceful) conflict resolvers; and
    • Obtain national synergy by having celebrations happen across the country and around the world on the same day.
    MAC as well as its Associate Members celebrated this day in order to make people secure the benefit of conflict resolution by way of solving conflict through mediation, conciliation, negotiation, arbitration and facilitation for establishing an easy and peaceful way of conflict resolution in our society. Conflict Resolution Day was observed by MAC along with others believing in such ideas who also came forward to observe the day. Various events like demonstration rally, discussion and meetings were organized in order to celebrate this day properly. MAC produced news letters, poster papers focusing the spirit behind the Conflict Resolution Day with appropriate logo. It also displayed the logo of conflict resolution day in Bengali so that all Bangladeshis could understand the message clearly. In addition to these MAC also produced stickers, T shirts, festoons and caps using this logo by exhibiting them during the course of different programs held through out the day.

    MAC brought out and demonstrated a rally from Press Club to Public Library at Shahabag. Students of Department of Peace and Conflict of Dhaka University, ACR Coordinator, Executive Director of MAC, celebrities of the community, members of different NGOs participated in these programs. During the rally they wore T-shirt and cap and marched holding a big banner and festoon. After the rally, a discussion meeting was held in MAC office highlighting the importance of this Conflict Resolution Day. In the meeting ACR coordinator and the leaders of different NGOs were present. The news of all these events were featured in different news papers with due importance.

    Associate members of MAC also celebrated this day in different districts of their own working area organizing different events. They distributed News letters, poster papers, and stickers to the various agencies /institutions working in this field or supporting such activities in various ways to disseminate the message of Conflict Resolution Day. MAC has a plan to celebrate the Conflict Resolution Day regularly every year. It has also been decided by MAC to observe this day on October 21 of 2010 in more effective way in cooperation with Associate Members.

    Programs organized by the different Forum Member:

    Bandhon Social Development project: BSDP and DISA these two Barisal district based NGOs celebrated Conflict Resolution Day organizing different events. A discussion meeting was held by their members highlighting the importance of the day.

    After the discussion meeting they organized rally..It marched from Union Parshad office and ended in front of BADC office via Kanerkhali College. In the rally and discussion sessions, members, social workers belonging to different NGOs, and journalists of different newspapers, celebrities of the community at large including welfare oriented community people along with BSDP and DISA members were present. All these happenings were flashed in the local dailies, The daily Motabad, The daily Ajker Poribartan, The daily Ajker Barta. 

    Prattasha:  A Pabna based NGO held a discussion meeting on Conflict Resolution Day at their office followed by rally attended by members, social workers belonging to different NGOs, journalist of different news papers celebrities of the community at large, they pasted the poster papers by the side of the important offices or areas of their locality and also fixed up stickers on the vehicles too. All these happenings were flashed in the local daily The Ichhamoti.

    WEPPP: This NGO organized a discussion meeting at their office in Kishoregonj to circulated the message of Conflict Resolution Day. In the discussion meeting members of that organization, social workers, members of other NGOs, journalists of different news papers and community celebrities were present. They pasted the poster papers and fixed up stickers and all theses activities were followed by a rally as usual. The Daily Saradeen, The Daily Ajker Kagoj and Hossenpur Barta and The Daily Shatabdir kantha highlighted all theses events in their news papers with quite a bit of interest.

    Besides all these groups belonging to WRWF,AS, GKK, PKSS, SCDF, MSKS,JSA   also participated in the celebrations by organizing discussion meeting in their offices. Some other organizations like MBSK and PESD also evinced keen interest in the idea of Conflict Resolution and Peace Promotion. Accordingly, they also came up in a decision to hold discussion session and  to celebrate this day in future in a befitting manner.

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