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Peace Building is the construction of new environments and new cultures which transform deficient structures and capabilities which unite the strengths of emerging innovations in all pathways of our local-global planetary life. Peace Building creates and maintains beneficial conditions for sustainable (life-enhancing) social, economic, political and spiritual development of all peoples. (Adapted from speech given at UN by PTP and "An Agenda for Peace", a UN Report of the Secretary-General, 1992)

Unlike peace-making and peace-keeping, which are related to warfare and settlement of conflicts, "...the concept of peace-building (is) the construction of a new environment --- the transformation of deficient national structures and capabilities, and --- the strengthening of new democratic institutions." (Excerpted from "An Agenda for Peace", a UN Report of the Secretary-General in January 1992, which globally and officially recognized the emerging field of Peace Building.)

"We need to build not only geographical but spiritual bridges between people and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and communication linkages between our societies. (Let us) stand ready to participate in the effort to promote social integration and create a culture of Peace." (From UNESCO PRESS Report at World Summit for Social Development by Director-General UNESCO, Frederico Mayor) .

"Where there is Peace, there is Culture; where there is Culture, there is Peace." (Nicholas Roerich)
"Positive creativeness is the fundamental quality of the human spirit. Let us welcome all those who, surmounting personal difficulties, --- propel their spirits to the task of PeaceBuilding, thus ensuring a radiant future." (Nicholas Roerich

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